FIT-Feed in Tarrif

What is a Feed In Tariff Scheme?

A feed in tariff scheme means that you could receive money back from your energy supplier, for this to happen you will need to install an electricity generating technology that produces a low carbon footprint such as:-


Wind Turbines

Hydro Electricity

Even if you were to use the electricity that you have generated yourself or any surplus electricity you export to the grid, you can receive payment for meaning that you will save money on all those high electricity bills.

How to Register for the Feed In Tariff Scheme

Once your equipment has been installed your installer will register you on to the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) database, once this has been done you will receive a certificate that looks like this


Once you have received you MCS certificate you need to tell your supplier that you want to register for the Feed In Tariff Scheme.

To Register for the Feed In Tariff Scheme you must have your Green Deal Report, Energy Performance Certificate and your MCS certificate.

Once this has all been done your supplier will then confirm your eligibility and the date you are eligible for payments from, this will be shown on your online account with Ofgem once you have been registered.

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