New Product!

Its official we can now offer you Verdo wood pellets for your biomass boilers and stoves.

Recently we have been searching around for a new supplier to supply wood pellets and found that not many people were supplying them within our area, after much research we can now offer a crate of Verdo wood pellets for £295.00 (92 bags at 10kg each), or a 10kg bag for 3.99 (minimum order of 10 bags) FREE DELIVERY within a 15 mile radius of sa39.

Verdo wood pellets are all locally sourced from virgin timber that meet all European Standars ENPLUS A1, each individual wood pellet is recycled from timber plants around the world making sure that nothing goes to waste instead it gets recycled for a more economical use by providing outstanding heat for our homes throughout the year.

Verdo wood pellets is a number one selling brand that work very well with many of our items

verdo pellets out of bag



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