Pecs ltd/Solar Cymru

Over the weeks there has been much hard work and effort been put in to hopefully complete the Eco project, but where is this year going with the end of March not that far away?

Recently there has been a dramatic change in each individual room with lots of painting, sanding, cutting, building and much much more. The training room  side of the school is finally starting to come to life with the classroom tables installed and the last of the different floor types being laid as I type. I cant wait to finally get in there and give it its final coat of paint.

In the main hall that will be transformed into a showroom to showcase all of the green technologies will have fully working lighting by the end of next week, with only two lights working is a great experience of lighting, not to mention the amount of paint work that has happened.

Recently we attended a trade show at the Liberty stadium in Swansea along side CTC a company that designs some of the products that we have to offer. Throughout the day we met many business people that were very interested in the work we do, not to mention all the freebies and food that was offered upon the day.

Pictured below is our apprentice administrator with Gareth from CTC who supplies us with our products.

Gareth and young apprentice Jade White

Pictured below is Jayne Hall-Edwards with Ian-Hall Edwards and Jade White

A picture of Ian and Jayne Hall-Edwards with Jade White at the Trade show at the Liberty stadium in Swansea





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