What an amazing couple of weeks it has been, the sun shining allowing us to get on with so much work without getting soaking wet, it feels so good walking in to the wonderful Eco centre each morning to smell that fresh coat of paint that had been applied on the wall the night before. Everyone loves a good fresh layer of paint but  it is what makes it your home, somewhere comfortable and that’s why recently we have chosen to change the colour of the training room, hopefully it will allow our future trainees to feel relaxed and at home whilst learning new skillsA picture of the newely painted walls at the eco centre that are now brown.It was not that long since we started that lovely new toilet block, if I  remember I mentioned this in my last blog but here’s a refresher for you.

There has been a lot of hard work and effort put in to re building the old toilet block that use to be situated near the front of the old school building, over the last 2 weeks our builder has been very busy building away to ensure a wonderful toilet block is built in time for trainees to come and learn skills off the roof of the block that will be easily accessible, NO need to be afraid of heights here.A picture of the building work that has commenced at the Eco Centre in Pencader











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