What type of heat pump is right for you?

Each day thousands of people are looking at ways to save on energy each day, one way to do this is by changing to green technology’s where you could potentially earn money from what you generate.

One thing that most of you are probably wondering by now is what is a heat pump and which is the right one for me?

At Solar Cymru we supply & fit Ground source heat pumps as well as air source heat pumps but we will only ever sell you what you need.


Ground Source

A ground source heat pump is where loops of pipes are placed under ground (if enough land is available) this then allows the pipes to collect heat that is stored beneath the earth’s surface to be carried through the loops and stored for use within your home, but remember the ground loops will only generate heat depending on the temperature of the ground.


Air Source

A air source heat pump is a great solution for any little room or an office as they can be installed almost anywhere as long as they have access to the heat outside. But did you know that not only does the air source heat pump generate heat but they also act as a air conditioner during those hot summer days as well.


The Nutshell

As we all know by now heat pumps don’t feature an open flame meaning you have that extra safety against any possible fuel leaks or Carbon Monoxide poisoning, they also generate heat that is available whatever the weather may possibly be daytime or night.

All those expensive bills and those nasty sightings of storage tanks could end today thanks to the wonderful technology’s that have been generated to help us and our world today.

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